Norwegian iConcierge Customer Reviews:


Worked perfectly well!

It worked amazing as a communication device on the cruise considering my group was separated and had rooms on different parts of the boat. A bit frustrating because I had to restart the app a few times and calls had some weak service. It also helps understand your monetary account for how much you spend as much!

I've been trying for the last 3 days to get your app

Oh I still don't have your apt I'm wasting my time what is wrong with you people I have Samsung 7 and I have iPhone 6 plus

Used it, but it doesn't work well

Had to close and relaunch program every time I wanted to use it - otherwise it simply wouldn't operate. Primarily I used it to see what was going on around the ship each day, and to review my on-board account occasionally. For an extra $10 I also purchased the on-board texting application. Texts were not immediately received by others, and as noted above I still had to relaunch the program to see if I had received any messages.

This app was a great asset while on the cruise, it allowed us to view the schedule of activities on the ship while we were on the go without having to carry around a copy of the newsletter. We did find a few odd things with the app but as I understand it this is an early iteration of the app so hopefully they will improve it quickly to make it more useful to future guests. Issues: -Lacked details about the activities listed, while you could open up a scheduled item there were no additional details beyond a time and place (viewable on the itinerary) -I hoped to find ours of service for various restaurants and facilities on the ship but none to be found -I expected the app to have details about the restaurants and their changing menus -A map of the ship with the ability to give directions to a location would be nice (this feature is available on touch screens around the ship) -Viewing charges to your room was extremely confusing, while the total owed was correct I found double (and triple) entries and credits do not show up I look forward to an improved version on my next NCL vacation

Vibrate function

Tough to tell when you receive a text or call as the whole ship has noises going on from every part of the ship.

Minimalistic - Could be lot better

Pretty poor... minimal info. A lot of room for improvement. Could show itinerary/schedule, things you reserve, etc.

It's useful for checking port details, and the daily activities (although they are listed out of chronological order). The onboard text messaging works well too. However, while my phone did display a visual notification on the screen when I received a text message it did not alert me audibly or vibrate. This made it almost useless for staying in touch with others unless I constantly watched my phone for the visual notification.

Love it

Handy but not worth price

To actually use the text/call feature you have to pay $14. The feature is buggy and often does not work. It also will frequently disconnect from the WiFi and make you register- which changes your "phone number". The schedule was nice to have but often did not load and provided almost no information about what the event was. We did use it and we would have struggled to organize a big group without it, but it is ridiculously overpriced considering how buggy it is.

Used it on Gettaway, did what it was suppose to do which helped me book reservations, shows, and see my account activity albeit didn't always work correctly with account activity. So for using it on a cruise for the first time. It did what it was designed for but needs way more improvement.


This app absolutely is necessary for your Cruise.

Works great

Works great but would be a lot better if it had a group chat option.

Norwegian iConcierge App

Great App.

Good app

I liked the list of daily activities and that you can make restauant reservations right from your phone up to a party of 6. Suggestion to developers is to be able to create your own schedule of the activities you want to participate in and also adding your restaurant reservations to your schedule so you don't forget what time you made them for. Really liked seeing your account balance so you can check for any discrepancies as you cruise and don't need to keep asking the front desk for a print out.


Does not work. Stuck on main screen.

Failed to install

3 attempts, including starting over from fresh boot, and still failed it install. We love NCL. This app is clearly not at the company's service standards.

It could be better

Its helpful since you'll be able to see what's going on onboard the ship ahead of time. I just wish there were an option where you can save it and it'll remind you that you wanted to go there to check it out. There were times when I missed a few opportunities to go because on the boat time seem to fly. I believe the app should have a map of the ship and the account summery should be updated to look like the actual statement not a list of charges at times look like duplicates.

Great idea poor execution

What a great idea for an app but talk about doing it half assed. So much this app could do but on Norwegian Breakaway it was barely worth it. No reason why freestyle daily and menus for dining could up loaded. Messenger was very useful but alerts could be better ringing once is again half assed. Reservations only worked for a few things and account summary had a lot if items that were not on the actual bill. Come on Norwegian fix this already 3d time I've used it and STILL HALF ASSED


App is frozen on title screen now. Used it for my last cruise though and it was very useful! Great concept, but it has a long way to go before it can really be used properly. And I think a graphics overhaul is the first step here.

Freezes at Logo Screen, Should Work On All Ships

Great idea, if it worked. Using LG G4 & the app won't go past the logo screen. Even if it worked, it should be available aboard all ships for all Norwegian customers. None of the ships listed ever sail out of our port so it's useless for us & many others. Please fix the bug & the lack of all ships.

Have to pay to get really benefits of app

Was excited to see this was an option but quickly disappointed. The only reason I downloaded the app was to to communicate with family members on boat, esp. in an emergency. When I tried to do message them, surprise, $7.95 fee to activate. You don't really need it to see what's going on in the day because there are electronic boards all over the ship. And having to turn WiFi off and on to use it was a pain. Thought it would be much more. Please improve because it could be so helpful and make it free.

Need to add the ability to see what reservations you've made and a map of the ship.

Helps with stuff

It is good for knowing what is happenimg

Buggy, but promising app.

Texting and calling on the ship, will eliminate the walkie-talkie model. However, the interface is very buggy, worth texting ago being very unreliable and the calls going through only about 25% of the time. WiFi is still the issue. Other features, such as the ability to access your account are also potentially helpful, but at this time are much more confusing than anything else, displaying charges which are not even displayed on the bill. Dining and entertainment reservations will be a welcome feature.

BRING A SET OF WALKIE TALKIES. Problem solved!! The app is FRADULENT !!

Just okay

Showed restaurants but not menus, showed events but no details. Couldn't really be used to navigate your day.




Only thing it is useful for is to view your bill and even that is not accurate. Would be nice to be able to view deck plans and make restaurant reservations. Would also be nice if the freestyle daily was available in the app.


Did not recognize I was onboard and connected to ship's wifi. My shipmates with iphones had no issues. It did not work on my android phone.

Sometimes works

When it works it works badly

Update your app NOWWW it sucks

Very Good Cruise.

Love Norwegian Cruise

Needs more work

The idea is great. The potential is there, however it needs a lot of work. Pretty useless so far.

Wouldn't launch, even onboard

Every time I tried to launch I would get an error message telling me to relaunch onboard. But I was already onboard!


Tried to use it every day of my cruise. All it would tell me is connect to in-ship wifi. Which I already was. No matter what part of ship. No matter if I connected to wifi before or after launching app. In airplane mode or normal. (cruise was nice though)

This app sucks!!!

Not very useful

The app works on occasion. I found something one time and went back to check on it again and it was gone!

Garbage app

Not useful at all!!!

Works onboard ship

Gave me access to virtually everything I needed on board. Messaging too expensive but reverted to sticky notes just as I would have without app. Used to reserve show tickets and specialty dining venues, check prices etc. Lagged in updating cabin accounts but was so did onboard tv app. Acct was correct at end of trip saving visit to CS.

Needs a lot of improvement

Restaurant reservations didn't work. Excursion reservations partially worked. It would be nice if the activities schedule was in order. I wanted to see a list of reservations that I'd made at the spa, restaurants, etc. The navigational map and weather would be a nice addition. The one thing that did work was my list of on board charges, go figure.